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Transport and distribution

  • Green Agro disposes all range of vehicles and 3 ADR drivers.
  • Collaborates with reliable large scale transportation companies for all distribution needs within Greece.
  • Has close everyday co-operation with all medium to large scale transportation companies.
  • Has partnership with ADR drivers with vehicles on a permanent basis.
  • Shares responsibilities with transportation companies for distribution activities within Greece.
  • Has up to date record of companies with ADR trucks and drivers including their licences.
  • Makes arrangements of ADR truck and driver availability.
  • Includes notation in case of ADR requirement on document.
  • Accommodates ADR distribution needs to all surrounding countries up to final delivery point.
  • Customer service lead-times: Macedonia – Thrace – Thessaly – Epirys – W. Sterea Ellada – Attica – Fthiotida – Viotia – Axaia – Evia - Corfu:24h., rest mainland Greece:48h., islands:24-72h (depending on island and delivery spot).