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Joint firefighting exercise
Joint firefighting exercise

Green Agro S.A.

Green Agro from December 2008 provides specialized Logistics Services - 3PL, for the chemical industry and particularly for products that are toxic, flammable and hazardous to the environment and human (according to Directive SEVESO III). Green Agro’s privately owned facilities located in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki (Sindos) are fully licensed for the above purpose.


14 str., Building Block 53B, Industrial Area of Thessaloniki, Sindos, 57022, P.O. Box 1387

Approvals, Licenses and Certifications

  • Αpproved environmental operational criteria
  • Operational license
  • Approved SEVESO III-safety report
  • Firefighting Certificate
  • ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008


6.000m2 field
3.400m2 fully protected building
800m2 administration space (offices, etc.)

Storage capacity

5000 pallets in total for hazardous products of which 2500 pallets exclusively for flammable products (in a separate fire compartment).

Safety standards for storage of dangerous goods

Developed and implemented safety management system according to SEVESO III – directive that includes:

  • Analysis of the risk of the facility
  • Developed and implemented prevention policy for large scale technological accidents
  • Developed and applied Security Management System for the implementation of Prevention Policies
  • Developed Internal Emergency Plan