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Health and Safety

For Green Agro all Health and Safety measures are of great importance and the proper implementation of them is a top priority for Green Agro. For this purpose a series of actions are implemented:

  • Security measures in accordance with relevant regulations and Directive SEVESO III (2012/18/ΕΕ)
  • Staff training in Health and Safety issues
  • Provision and usage of all the necessary protective equipment (helmets, gloves, shoes, vests)
  • Provision of first aid equipment and personnel training on first aid
  • Implementation of all regulations laid down by the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods (ADR)


Risk, emergency and escape labelling based on EU-standards.

Risk assessments

Risk assessments conducted by Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor, Safety Manager and Safety Advisor for Carriage of Dangerous Goods, resulting to detection of hazards and encounter measures, Emergency Plan, retention of leakage, earthquake and flood actions, WMS adjustments.

Risk training

Training plan and regular trainings on safety operating procedures for all staff.

Provision of spillage

Leak management plan and kit (regular checking and replenishment as required).

Stretch film machine

All pallets above head height are secured. Stretch film machine on site.


Guards present at site during normal working hours controlling person and vehicle access.

Control of transport vehicles involved in loading by Green Agro personnel.

Outside working hours, perimeter intrusion alarm (IR sensors) is activated, with alarm transmission to the security service provider (GS4).

CCTV cameras at WH perimeter, with 2 weeks records retention time.

External lighting.

Insurance of goods

Green Agro along with recognized and reliable insurance companies has a General Liability insurance and insurance for all goods as well as for its premises along with their equipment.

Green Agro also offers the option of insurance to its customers, for the products handled by Green Agro, at competitive prices.