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Operational information


Regular cycle & total inventories for every 3PL client through WMS and RF hardware.

Productivity & continuous improvement

We follow most of the basic rules of continuous improvement.

Ηigh productivity being one of the basic elements of our company’s structure we invest in IT resulting to ever more customised solutions.

Receival performances

90 min per truck (33 pallets) required to receive, check and locate pallets in the warehouse (provided that the receiving cargo presents no unforeseen issues).


All maintenance is performed by certified personnel in compliance to specifications:

  • Premises general maintenance
  • Generator (weekly operational control, annual maintenance)
  • Active fire protection pump station (monthly operational control, annual maintenance)
  • Smoke, heat & explosive gas detectors (annual maintenance)
  • Fire-extinguishers (annual retreading, pressure control twice a year)
  • Electrical installation (maintenance twice a year)
  • Channels and gutters (annual maintenance)
  • Lightning protection (annual maintenance)
  • Racking (monthly inspection)


External cleaning company for administration building.

In house cleaning arrangements for WH using professional equipment (Karcher B90R – Ride on scrubber drier, walk-behind sweeper KM 70/20 C, etc.).