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Added value services

Green Agro offers a wide range of logistics services (3PL and other added value services).

3rd Party Logistics and other added value services

  • Storage of any chemicals - toxic, flammable and environmentally hazardous products (pallets, boxes, sacks, barrels)
  • Distributions to transportation agencies, and clients within the Thessaloniki area with specialized ADR transport (permanent supervision by a certified Safety Advisor for Carriage of Dangerous Goods, who guides the proper organization of national and international forwarding and staff's training on ADR matters)
  • Collection of pallets, carton boxes, items or other transport units
  • Collection control and placement on shelves
  • Picking of pallets, carton boxes, items or other storage units
  • Palletized forwarding of goods
  • Loading of pallets, carton boxes, items or other transport units
  • Execution of all types of orders
  • Issue of delivery notes
  • Monitoring of stock quantities daily or online
  • Capability of developing any type of reporting according to the depositor’s requirements
  • Full traceability at all stages of storage and handling. LOT check or any other characteristic
  • Guaranteed application of FIFO rule (First In - First Out), FEFO (First Expiring - First Out)
  • Labeling and quality control
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Insurance for products handled or other insurance needs
  • Returns Management
  • Track inventory quantities and movement of stock via company’s ERP (Microsoft - Navision)
  • Direct IT link between Green Agro and depositor
  • Stock management