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The heart of 3PL services in Green Agro is the company's IT system (ERP Microsoft Navision) which features, among other things all the WMS tools (Warehouse Management System). All the needs of the supply chain are covered by these tools offering reliability, functionality and ultimately excellent customer service and optimal economic outcome.

The IT system of Green Agro, allows for:

  • Direct, fast or even on-line information (web tools) of our clients on the inventories held in the warehouse
  • Creation of an electronic interface - bridge between different information systems (Green Agro and clients) offering speed, accuracy and timely updates
  • Accurate knowledge of inventory at any time in real time. This knowledge consists of the quantities of the Stock Keeping Units but also includes the quantities per package, lot, expiration dates and generally any characteristic that is set and is monitored for Stock Keeping Units
  • Usage of barcode with RF scanners to support the daily processes of the warehouse (receipt, placements, collections, loading, forwarding, inventories, etc.)
  • Drastic reduction of returns through zero errors in the collection and shipment
  • Minimize the time a lot and expiration date remains in storage. This is achieved by automating the recycling of the stock based on all known policies like FIFO (First In - First Out), FEFO (First Expiring - First Out), etc.
  • Automated batch recall via special functions for monitoring traceability in the receipt of materials and products as well as their shipment to delivery points
  • Management of Product’s Material Safety Data Sheets as well as assignment of fix pallets for each product (according to their properties) in order to avoid proximity of incompatible materials
  • Application of automatic routing with simultaneous control of loading weight and ADR prerequisites
  • Improvement of the supply chain processes (e.g. ABC analysis, stock level alarm, proposal for replenishment from the supplier, etc)
  • Accurate information for decision making at every level of the company through the existence of numerous statistical reports, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Automatic billing of logistics services with full analysis

Software technologies are complemented with up-to-date hardware equipment and infrastructure involving telecommunications, RF and Bar Coding technologies, labeling technologies, online connections, etc.

Moreover, Green Agro uses 2 servers that are supported by a backup server, 2 UPS and a diesel power generator 55 KVA power capacity, to ensure the smooth operation of the company, even in a power failure.